Established in 2010, Alliance Mechanical Solutions specializes in firm, fixed price pipe and structural fabrication and installation projects and directional boring services.  AMS features experienced pipe, structural, and utilities supervision along with hundreds of experienced A Class welders and fitters. Equipment includes directional boring machines, locators, welding machines, trenchers, plows, and excavators.

We are a "Safety First" oriented company.

Here at AMS, we produce high quality products and services but also strive to ensure these are done within a safe working environment. This means having our workers both properly trained and equipped. We strongly believe this philosophy and are always thinking how we can improve our worker's safety.

AMS Points of Contact

Eric Miller

Director of Production

TJ Dail

Utilities Business Manager

April Vasko-Norton

Vice President-Controller

Pressly Baggett

Human Resources and Recruiting Manager

Patrick Seaman

Production Manager